Thursday, August 03, 2017

Europe - Dreams Realised

And now that the trip is over it is time to reminisce the good, the bad, the beautiful somewhere. That somewhere is this page that has been dormant for 10 looooong years. I look back at these most beautiful 17 days of my life - why beautiful ? Because those were the most relaxing days when I was confronted by some fears that I decided to shrug off happily. When I prepared for nothing and allowed so much to come to me in form of experiences, which btw were all good. I fell sick but that could not deter the resolve to smile and live to the fullest. What has remained is loads of memories of beauty, laughter and experiences. One thing that still throngs my mind is whether it would be a good idea to repeat this trip in winters when the city will be decked up like a bride for Christmas? Would I enjoy it more then or would cuddle in my blanket seeking warmth? How would it be? This article and more to share the sweet little Details of what happened and how ...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

kyon karni hai khwahish
kisi ka naam le kar
jo khud pe hain yakin
to chalo khud ko akela kar!

khwahish jo kisi aur ke
balboote pe bani ho,
toot jaye woh to
kyon aankhon mein nami ho?

Raah mein milne wale to musafir hain,
Kuch pal humsafar ban jaate hain,
Jo badalti hain manzilein to,
Raah mein akela chod jaate hain.

Raahgiron ko apni manzil na batao,
jo bani hai kuch yaadein,
ho sake to unhe bhool jao!!

yaadein jo banti hain
sahara kisi ka pa kar
toot-ta hai sahara to
nikalti hain aankhon se beh kar

to rakhna hai kyon khud ko
mohtaaj kisi ka bana kar
karni hai bandagi kisi ki
to sirf bharosa karo khud par!

tab bhi bikhrengi khwahishein,
aur tootenge armaan,
jo dekhoge peeche to milenge
apne hi kadmon ke nishan!

bharosa jo tum ko
fir se dilayenge,

kisi toote dil ki daastan
na fir se douhrayenge!

bharosa tootega nai,
khud pe mazboot hoga
khwahishon ke tootne pe hi,
nai khwaishon ke janam ka josh hoga !

This is in repsonse to DreamCatcher's comment to previous post :-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


ekant mein ho
sirf 'aks' ka saath
na uljhan, na vifalta
sirf khushi ki ho baat !

tanhayee mein sirf
baat apni chale,
na ho koi apna
jiski dil ummeed kare !

vichalit na kare
jab sannaatte ka shor
andhere ka na ho darr
roshni kheenche nai apni aur !!

na rosh ho kisi ka
na uljhan ka ho aalam,
na mile hum kisi se
bhoolein saare ghum, hum !!

na yaad sataye kisi ki
saath muskuraane ko na ho humdum,
hum soche na kisi ko
na soch mein kisi ki ho hum !!

jab beet jaaye manzar,
jab bhool jayein yaadein
to jiyein zindagi ko
jyon, hua ho naya janam !!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


ऊँचे आसमान में
घने बादलों के बीच,
उड़ी चल जाती कहीं
सोचती हूँ अखियाँ मींच!

'क्यों' उड़ता है मन
भरे बादलों के जैसे,
सच्चाई-नुमा पहाड़ी से टकरा
'क्यों' बेहता है पानी फिर आँखों से?

'क्यों' कोई ख्वाब
आँखों में आता है
आख़िर कैसे कोई चेहरा
दिल में समाता है ?

फिर 'क्यों' नम्म होती हैं
किसी की याद में आँखें,
दिल बार बार रो कर
'क्यों' ज़ार ज़ार हो जाता है ?

चाहतों के दाएरे में बाँध कर
'क्यों' इंसान समझ अपनी खोता है
वास्तविकता समझ कर भी 'क्यों'
परिस्तित्यों के हाथों मजबूर होता है ?

फिर भी, दर्द से झूझ कर
दर्द से ही शक्ति पा,
दर्द भारी यादें संजोता है
दर्द से ही रिश्ता बनाता है

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


oonche aasmaan mein
ghane badlon ke beech,
udi chal jati kahin
sochti hun akhiyan meench!

'kyon' udta hai man
bhare badlon ke jaise,
sachayi-numa pahadi se takra
'kyon' behta hai pani fir aankhon se?

'kyon' koi khwab
aankhon mein aata hai,
aakhir kaise koi chehra
dil mein samata hai ?

fir 'kyon' nam hoti hain
kisi ki yaad mein aankhein,
dil baar baar ro kar
'kyon' zaar zaar hota hai ?

chahton ke dayere mein bandh kar
'kyon' insaan samajh apni khota hai,
vastavikta samajh kar bhi 'kyon'
paristhityon ke haathon majboor hota hai ?

dard se jhoojh kar
dard se hi shakti pa,
fir bhi 'kyon',
dard bhari yaadein sanjota hai?
dard se hi rishta banata hai?

Monday, June 04, 2007

For a 'Soldier'

I am old and I am free,
wondering little, how I get this liberty !
I enjoy freedom and the bliss of life,
not knowing enough, how you strive!

Still I complain, regret and fret,
for what I have not got,
and what I should get!

I learn to move on never looking back
little or not concerned,
How I will pay thy debts !

Debts what I said
is Duty for you,
But selfish as I am
who can’t even smile back at you !

For the countless sacrifices
you continue to make,
I had not dared to put it in words
and try to elaborate !

For all that you do
Is beyond my comprehension,
The selfless spirit
sacrificing life without apprehension!

The real feeling of brotherhood
and team spirit you have,
For us in this free world
is mere tableau to have!

In toughest moments
you continue to fight,
That ‘unseen enemy’
unannounced, as he strikes!

The challenges of ‘Mother Nature’
continue to inspire,
However valiant be the effort,
but you are seldom admired!

Till a day comes
when you lay your life,
In protecting your mother land
leaving everything behind!

I continue to cry for me and mine
never ever thinking that
Your motherland was equally mine.

Salute you ‘soldier’
for the supreme sacrifice you made
When I was busy making money
unabated by the thoughts of struggle you faced!

Inspired by a Soldier ....... 'Aks'